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Deliver your advertising spots in full HD!

All sales houses in the ABMA/BVAM have been successfully using the D-MAT delivery system for material for TV spots since 2009.

The ABMA has approved the Belgian post-production houses that use the D-MAT technology. They will be able to ensure that your adverts conform to the HD-MAT standards on the basis of your masters, cassettes or original files, as well as delivery to the advertising sales houses by secure link.

List of post-production houses: download the PDF file (08/04)

Technical features for the different channels HD: download the PDF file (08/04)

With the aim of improving broadcasting reliability, the sales houses recommend that media agencies use the MBCID as a reference for all communication with persons involved in an advertising campaign: clients, advertisers, creative agencies, production and post-production companies.

This will enable production and post-production houses that are aware of this to add it to the D-MAT or HD-MAT metadata.

Examples of MBCID: "SPA113423", "MECTV12000162", "MDSTV12002798"

Thank you for your cooperation.